Elise and Siobhan and I arrived in Cairns on the 13th September 2017. A small town full of backpackers (very touristy) We booked the whole of our East Coast tour here via Greyhound, for those of you travelling the east coast make sure you do your research before booking everything in one and paying an extortionate amount, just like we did! Believe me I was shocked with how quickly my money went, it’s not like travelling around Asia.

The good thing about Cairns is there is a lot of stuff surrounding the area. We picked the activities we wanted to do the most: Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation/Daintree Rainforest and the Atherton Tablelands.

The Great Barrier Reef

We chose a tour that included snorkelling, a try scuba dive and lunch. The boat we chose was called Evolution, a humongous modern vessel which held a fair amount of people, we noticed this when snorkelling in the water as we had to dodge many flippers in such a confined space.

The tour was well organised, because we chose to do a scuba dive we had a training before getting into the water to learn the signals and other safety instructions. Make sure to note the signals otherwise you’ll end up like me having to go for a ‘special dive’ alone after not making it down the first time.

It was amazing to see the tropical fish and coral, however, having snorkelled already in Thailand the GBR did not meet my expectations as the coral was dying and so the colours had faded.

By the end of the day we had seen a good amount of the great barrier reef and sunbathed on deck. Another note make sure you wear lots of sun cream in the Australian heat, you can’t feel it when on a boat because of the strong winds whilst driving. Siobhan left the vessel with a face like a tomato.



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