The Journey Begins

The 11th September 2017 Me and Siobhan  left the UK to arrive in Cairns, Australia! We’d meet Elise on the 13th as she had gone travelling three weeks earlier to Bali.

Lots of people have asked me the question ‘Is it better to travel alone or with friends?’ I think this is dependent on you as a person and the friends you choose to go with is my answer! Make sure they are good friends! I’d lived with both Siobhan and Elise and they are friends I know I will have for life. I know lots of people who have traveled on their own and feel this is the best way to meet people, I’d definitely suggest going with only 1 or 2 friends otherwise I think it would be difficult to meet new people.


It was a stressful journey setting off from the Isle of Wight with Dad and Rhianna in the campervan and picking up mum from Chichester on the way. I was panicking about not getting to the airport in time even though I was still very early! Finally arriving, looking like a turtle with my rucksack twice the size of Siobhan’s we were ready to board the plane!

We flew with Cafe Pacific and got a really cheap deal with STA. Siobhan and I both booked return flights back but with something called a multi flex pass which allows you to change your flight date. Very handy as you don’t know how you’ll feel when you arrive in Australia and whether you will want to return home earlier or later!

Our flight was around 19 hours, try and get a quick stop over, I think ours was around 6 hours… Luckily we managed to get 3 spaces each on the plane, winning!


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