A magical trip across the Great Barrier Reef. A must do!

We booked the Avatar 2 night sailing trip across the whitsundays after being recommended it at the travel company Greyhound in Cairns. Beware if you are planning a trip to the Whitsundays bring enough cash with you as this trip cost us aroun $500 well worth it and much better than a day trip as you stay on the boat and get to appreciate sunset and sunrise.

The trip includes two day’s snorkelling, you can choose to stay in the water as long as you like and are given protective suits for the jellyfish. The season we chose wasn’t jellyfish season so we were pretty safe anyway.

Our main aim was to see a turtle, Elise and I hunted and hunted for one and were the last ones in the water. Finally, we saw one it was huge and really camouflage in the waters!


The food on board was great we were served breakfast, lunch and dinner and brought boxes of GOON on board for the evening. (GOON= really cheap boxes of wine)


Sun’s out bums out!

The most stunning part of the trip was stepping onto the white sands of Whitehaven beach, known as the second best beach in the world. Although I am unsure how it could get much better.



Can it get much better than this?

The sea water was so clear and you can even wash your hair and jewellery in the sand because it is 98% pure silica! We sat in the waters for ages surrounded by sting rays.





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