The Great Ocean Road 🚐 🌅

Road trip time 🛣


Solving mysteries on the Great Ocean Road

Luke and I started our trip down the GOR in our mystery machine which we hired off of campervan village. There are a few different places where you can hire campervan’s and I compared with other companies at the travel desk in Base hostel which was really helpful. Companies like juicy charged more for insurance where as campervan village wasn’t such a big company so worked out cheaper and we got a campervan that was great for the instagram!

The road took us past the coastal beaches and we saw some beautiful  views! Our first day we had amazing weather and visited a few places from Anglesea to Lorne.


Anglesea lighthouse




This was only the start to the beauty of the GOR the further we went the better it got, unfortunately this was the last day I could be in a t-shirt! If you have the chance to go in summer the views would be insane.


Driving inland to the Grampians at sunset

We decided to move inland to The Grampians National Park. I’d heard the about the park and the walks over the cliffs to see the views were well worth it. It took us 3 hours from Lorne to get to the free campsite we’d found on campermate. This is a really good app to find free and paid campsites depending on what you’re looking for.


Our campsite in the Grampians


Kangaroos outside our camper at 7am

Some of the girls from the hostel were doing the same trip so we spent the evening at the Grampians campsite chilling with them. The campsite was right outside the mountains and there were so many kangaroos on the campsite. We even had them jumping out when it turned dark on the roads, you have to be careful as they jump right out into your car!!!

There were so many walks through the Grampians, it’s definitely worth going to see whilst doing the GOR.


One of the many amazing views from the Grampians



The Pinnacle

The walk up to the Pinnacle is completely worth it the view up here is insane! I preferred this walk to the one we did earlier in the day as you hiked up to see amazing views from up high.


The walk up to the Pinnacle

We went on a forest walk also during the day and saw the Mackenzie Falls.

We continued on from the Grampians back to the great ocean road the next day. We saw some beautiful views…


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