Blue Mountains

The most amazing mountainous views!

My favourite valentines yet 🌹…

If you go to Sydney you can’t miss the Blue Mountains. It has been my favourite attraction in Sydney so far and pictures just don’t do it justice.


Three Sisters panoramic view

The cliffs are covered in green forest lands and surrounding these are canyons, waterfalls and caves. We only went for one full day and I could have walked around the blue mountains for more than this, there are so many walks to go on you just can’t expect to get them all done in one day!

We began at the Three Sisters which is the number one attraction at the Blue Mountains. It’s definitely worth staying here for sunrise or sunset, we unfortunately didn’t have time. They have a restaurant close by that Luke and I wen’t for breakfast at in the morning.


Blue Mountain views over breakfast.

You can walk down the giant stairways but this is quite a way down so make sure you’re prepared to climb back up. I realised that I was seriously unfit on this walk up! Alternatively, if you get to the bottom you can take the scenic railways through the forest land.

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Looking out to the stunning Three Sisters


Make sure you come prepared with lots of water and any snacks to keep you going throughout the day. When you start walking around the mountains it can be a while till you get back to any shops. Also make sure you check the weather forecast before going as the weather is extremely important in order to see the views!

There are many waterfalls you can visit whilst on the walk, that are beautiful also!


One of the many waterfalls


Make sure you bring a good camera or a go pro while you visit and take your time to take in the breathtaking views!

100% recommend taking the trip there. If you don’t have a car it’s roughly 3 hours on the train and you even travel through the mountains!

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