Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is full of tourists and Australian’s on holiday. It’s extremely commercial and known for its big bar crawls, if you are up for a party it’s the place to go, some people see it as the Australian version of somewhere like Kavos.

It’s mainly known for its long stretch of beaches surrounded by modern skylines of buildings. It’s definitely somewhere you have to visit whilst in the East Coast, you wouldn’t need more than a few days here unless you wanted to visit the many theme parks they have surrounding it like Sea World or Movie World.

We enjoyed our days down the beach, although watch out for the waves. Australia’s waves are huge and you have to stay between where the life guards are to keep safe. Me and Elise were pulled under quite a lot of times a man laughed nearby with ‘you’re not from around here are you?’


Siobhan and I also went to the sky point observation deck to get a better view of the Gold Coast. It was definitely worth the money to see such an amazing view!

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