Christmas in Sydney

Definitely not a normal Christmas. Mum had told me when she was in Australia that the first time she got home sick was at Christmas, it’s the holiday that never feels right unless you are at home with your family. She was definitely right and I think we all felt this way. We didn’t have the best weather this day. It was cloudy and pretty cold for Sydney definitely not beach weather. We had to have a Christmas picture down on Bondi Beach though, it was our first time visiting the beach, but we had many sunny days after this to appreciate it in good weather!


After coming back from the beach we all put on our ‘shit’ shirts and got ready for a huge Christmas IPG party with Brisbane and Sydney IPG staff. It was great to meet everyone in Sydney and we bonded over the two weeks of Christmas activities that we did together.


Massive IPG Christmas Party!

Us girls even made a roast dinner on Boxing day to make everyone feel a little bit more at home!


Roast dinner time with the IPG gang.


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