Work in Brisbane- IPG

We arrived in Brisbane on the 10th October 2017. Arriving much sooner than we thought we would we decided to look for jobs in the area.

All three of us having a degree and professional careers we thought it may be a bit easier to find a job. We weren’t sure about the idea of commission but a lot of the jobs we applied for were commission based. You’ll find there are many sales roles on offer as a traveler on a working holiday visa and Siobhan, Elise and I all applied for the same job at the same one (IPG)

The job was great because it included a company house where we could all move in together  and have somewhere to settle for the next three months up until our plan to go to Sydney for Christmas! The job was great for building confidence and meeting friends, I would definitely recommend trying a sales job while you are out in Australia.

We met the best of friends and even some romances blossomed!


Work in Sydney

After working in Sales for 3 months I wanted a change. I got hold of an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and went on the hunt for a restaurant/bar job. I found a job at a modern Mexican, Fonda! This was great for me to begin with full of young travelers, but I slowly found that working late shifts and weekends didn’t work so well and would loose hours if I took time off at the weekend.


I decided a 9-5 office/admin job would be better for me and managed after going to many recruitment agencies to get a 2 week temp job in The University of Sydney print shop, again I was hired along with 6 other travelers and this was an easy customer service/ admin job selling course readers to students. We has a laugh but slowly the work loads became less and less and 4 of us including myself got let go due to not enough work for so many of us.

Fortunately the recruitment agency set me up with another job as a Receptionist, having worked as a Primary Teacher for 2 years prior and in the restaurant, lets just say its been a little quiet in this new role.


2 weeks to go and Siobhan and I will be off to do farm work. God help us!

Top Tips for finding work!

  1. Don’t be too picky! There are millions of working holiday visa’s competing for jobs. Try out something new and see how it goes!
  2. Sign up to LOADS of recruitment agencies. The more the better!
  3. Get qualifications like RSA or your white card to help you get jobs.
  4. Go in to the place you want to work and hand them a paper CV they get to see you in person that way!
  5. Join Facebook sites in the area you’re living, people post jobs on here all the time. As well as job sites like Seek and Indeed.


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