Noosa is a wonderful little seaside resort down the coast. It is surrounded by boutiques and cafes and lots of surfers!

The National Park provides outstanding views and loads of time to chill by the many beaches. We walked around it for 2 hours until arriving at the sunshine beach.

During our two hour walk we came across the fairy pools which are naturally formed pools from the sea within the rocks. Make sure you find these and have a swim if you visit the National Park!

We stayed at Nomads which had a pool and club on site! However, the air con was broken and every time they said it was fixed it still didn’t work!

Gagaju bush camp

probably one of the only places i’d suggest not to visit whilst you are in Australia!! Although I believe it has now been closed down…

A campsite in Noosa, that we were supposedly given free by our greyhound sales guy, later to find out it was free anyway with a $50 charge when we arrived anyway.

We stayed for 3 nights which was far too long. When we went there was barely anyone left there, the few English guys we met left the next day.

We spent both days kayaking up and down the river with very little scenery but for something to do!

The rest of the time we spent watching films in the campsite lounge area, there were millions of downloaded films to keep us busy.

One evening I went to bed and had a huge huntsman spider on my pillow 🕷 I was very ready to leave by the third day!

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