Fraser Island

Watch the weather forecast and don’t book 2 weeks in advance that’s all I’m saying.

So yes, we had beautiful weather on Fraser Island… torrential rain and thunderstorms for each of the 3 nights we camped. Not ideal. It was October and hadn’t rained since Christmas so we were incredibly unlucky!

Fortunately, we met an amazing group of guys and girls who we spent the days laughing with over talent shows and lots of alcohol!

The camping was a great way to experience the island, I’d 100% recommend this over going in a hostel with Nomads, Noosa.

We went from Harvey Bay, a very quiet town, most people get told to go from Rainbow Beach or Noosa for the after parties!

The trip we did was with the Palace Hostel, it was still a lot of fun. Our tour guide was cool and we each had a go at driving the 4×4 on the sand! An interesting experience you must have a go!

Fortunately for us on the last day the sun came out a bit and we got to see Lake Mackenzie without any rain. Spending the majority of our time there trying to build a pyramid!



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